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Program Information

Below you will find the main program informations for Casa Campo Girls Camp. If you have further questions, left unanswered, you can check our FAQs page or contact us at

"A place where girls grow and feel at home"

Age Requirement:
Girls must be ages 4-11 years old by the first day of their attending session.

Camp Hours:
Regular Hours: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Drop-off and Pick-Up Procedures:
Drop off begins at 8:30. Two dashboard signs will be provided to each family. Please give them to the two people who will be most likely pick up your child. ONLY individuals with the signs will be allowed to pick up your child. If someone arrives to pick-up without a sign, they MUST pull over to the side and provide an I.D. We will then verify if that person is on the list authorized to pick-up. If
not, we will contact the parent before releasing the child.

Lunch is scheduled daily. Parents are reminded to send a lunch and drink with their child with the exception of Fridays.
Pizza will be offered on Fridays for all girls. **Drinks are not included.
Snack is scheduled and provided for all campers in the afternoons. Parents may send their own snack with their child if they wish.

Camp Attire/Dress Code:
Camp T-shirts, camp shorts, socks and tennis shoes are appropriate attire. It is recommended that sunscreen lotion and bug spray be worn daily. For safety identification purposes it is mandatory to wear the camp uniform every day.  The uniforms are included with the $100 registration fee.

Staff & Safety:
Your peace of mind is our number one priority! You can feel confident that the security and wellbeing of your child is placed in the hands of a team of qualified, experienced teachers and counselors. The teacher to student ratio is based on those qualified teachers. All staff are CPR trained and all have experience in one or several area of the camp’s specialties (dance, theater, art, etc) to ensure a well-structured curriculum and proper training. All staff is trained on camp safety policies that are strictly adhered to, including drop-off and pick-up, supervision and overall safety.

Casa Campo Girls Camp reserves the right at their discretion to dismiss a camper if her behavior is inappropriate or jeopardizes other campers’ safety and well-being.

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